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History of Bangladeshi Welfare Centre & Newbury Jamme Masjid


Central Mosque is first mosque in Newbury, Berkshire. Thus the mosque trustees, local muslim community, local resturant and Takeaways provide funding for the mosque.

Central Mosque

Since the mosque’s begining, it has become a focal point for the Muslim community. Over the years, Muslims have used the mosque for events, meetings, lectures, studies and community and educational purposes. Many of the original founders of the mosque committee still make up the mosque management or are trustees of the mosque.

Mosque Design

The mosque itself has got one floor. On the first floor there is a large Main Hall for prayers which can easily accommodate around 300 worshippers at any one time.

*Note: We have special facililes for women for Daily Prayers, Friday Prayer (Second Jammah at 1.45 pm), Traweeh Prayer (during Ramadhan only, first Traweeh at 10.50 pm) and Eid Prayer (First Jammat) in the mosque, please contact us if you are interested in joining the daily prayers, Friday Prayer, Traweeh Prayer (during Ramadhan only) so that we can advise you accordingly.