Newbury Jamme Masjid open from 19th of December 2020 Inshah Allah

Assalamualaikum brother and sisters 

We are pleased to announce that after a professional deep cleaned Newbury Jamme Masjid is set to open again from tomorrow Saturday 19th of December 2020, for all five daily prayers including jummah prayer.

we must give paramount importance to the wellbeing and safety of the worshippers.

We will maintain the previous safety measures:

To be admitted to mosque you MUST:

1.perform your Wudu before coming to the Mosque.( wudu and toilet facilities closed)

2. bring your own prayer mat

3. wear a face mask at all times

4. We recommend not to bring children under 12 

5. Strictly No shoulder to shoulder prayer always keep 1+ metre distance. 

**Please note Without prayer mat , mask we will not allow anyone in the mosque For jummah and daily prayer. 

We request your full cooperation for the smooth running of the mosque during this unprecedented situation.

We pray that allah removes this affliction from us and make it easy for us to follow these guidelines to allow us to worship him. Ameen. 

Jazakallah hu khairan 

Lucky nizami (chairman)