Newbury Jamme masjid ANNOUNCEMENT For Eid -ul- fitr 2021

Eid -ul- fitr 2021 Announcement:- Note: * Please pay fithra £5 before pray Eid Salaah 

Newbury jamme masjid is pleased to announce that 

Eid-ul-fitr on Thursday 13th May 2021. ( depends on moon sighting) 

This year, insha’Allah, we are able to perform

Eid Salaah at Newbury Jamme Masjid ( not at outside the ground) 

There will be three jamat

At Newbury Mosque 

1st jamat -8:30am (With family )

2nd Jamat -9:30am( man only )

3rd jamat -10:30 am(man only ) 

 the Newbury Mosque with socially distance. However due to COVID-19 precautions, will will perform Eid Salaah inside Mosque. 

* make sure everyone must bring prayer Mat

* face mask essential 

* Please do wudu at home 

* We have to follow government guidelines 

* 2 meters distance 

* No allow to gather outside of Masjid 

* Please pay fithra £5 before pray Eid Salaah 

Please check Masjid website for more update.

Happy Eid Mubarak everyone 


Lucky nizami ( chairman)

Tel: 07547 805887

Shamim Ahmed ( Secretary) 

Tel: 07470150757

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Newbury jamme Masjid